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About Sungate

A mixture of residents and travellers with different backgrounds, our travel experience has taught us a lot, that’s why we are able to help you with anything you need. We promise to show you a new way to discover the city, we can recommend you restaurants, as well as night life and cultural activities.
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62 beds

No bunk beds!

24/7 Reception


Fully equipped with 24/7 access

Free Wifi

High-speed Wifi in all rooms

Common Areas

Common areas designed for different moods. Work, relax or party.

Laundry Facilities

Luggage Storage


Day Activities

FREE daily tours around the city lead by our staff

Group Dinners

FREE family dinners prepared by our staff every night

Night Activities

FREE nightly pub crawls lead by our nightlife professionals

Hostel Activities

Every Afternoon 13:30

Day Activity

Everyday we will take you to meet guests from our other city hostel, to explore together the city.

Every Evening 21:00

Family Dinner

What better way to save money and make friends, than H1 Free Hostel One dinner?

Every Night 23:30

Night Activity

Every night we will take you to a different bar and club to enjoy the city nightlife with your new friends.

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(+34) 910 236 806